Bow Foodbank

In our first year of operation, we were able to help 837 people with food and support, including 177 children. These are some of things they have told us:
Knowing someone is there to give a helping hand boosts your morale when so much is being taken away. I lived through times of austerity in the war and thought those days were behind me. It shouldn’t be like this now.
Bow Foodbank client, Grace
I found it hard to coming here for the first time but everyone was so friendly it made it feel OK.
Bow Foodbank client, Peter
When my claims were being sorted out it was helpful to have some extra food. It still helps me as I live in a hostel and have to cater for myself.
Bow Foodbank client, Stephen
Bow Foodbank really helped me out, especially when I was under suspension.
Bow Foodbank client, David