Bow Foodbank

We very much hope you may feel able to support us in our work.

Each basket of food Bow Foodbank distributes costs approximately £6.
Whilst Bow Foodbank continues to welcome occasional donations, whether financial or food, we would most welcome financial donations, of whatever size, from individuals and organisations on a regular basis.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

You can make a regular or a one off donation safely and simply through our website. We use the Virgin Money Giving site to manage our online donations
Please give what you can afford.

A donation of just £6 a month would enable us to guarantee a basket of food every month to people in need

A donation of just £12 a month would enable us to guarantee a basket of food every fortnight to people in need.

A regular donation of £24 a month would provide a basket of food every single week.

Bow Foodbank incurs a number of unavoidable expenses – including the purchase of additional food, as demand continues to outstrip donations. While some food is donated, more must be bought in.
As demand continues to grow, Bow will need to continue to purchase additional food on a regular basis.
Above all else, Bow Foodbank is committed to offering a dependable service to people facing severe difficulties. One of the greatest difficulties faced by any voluntary organisation is securing a dependable flow of donations.

Please email us if you have any questions or would like to make a donation to Bow FoodBank

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